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In my country, where mainstream media selects information sources for purposes of collectivism, it is difficult for individuals to receive diverse information.  Under the backgroud of post-epidemic era, while the physical communications are mostly blocked, digital communications across urbans and countries are caught in a more serious situation. How we communicate in distance without manipulations and interfere of governments, ideology, prejudice on social media is a problem.

Hello from
The Other Side


Digital media art

Communication design


2 projects

10/2020 personal project

10/2021 group project - 

ICADE RE ACTOR:International arts & design workshop (group leader and studio instructor)


In the context of the post-epidemic situation, although people in different places can use online media to communicate and work together, they cannot gain a complete perceptual experience of communication. This is partily become some message are blocked in certain political environment. Meanwhile, the formed prejudices on social media environments have prevent people from further listening, expression and comprehence. 


Exposed to the problem of communicaiton in digital information environments, we were trying to reform the concept of long-distance communication in a digital form. The context focusing on different urban with different environment and cultural background. I design was made to let the communications between those urbans be pure and

be against geographical stereotypes.


Reform cross urban communication


modern media



communication form

Substaintialize digital communication

We built prototype of the digital sculpure, through which cross-urban people can leave their message and hear the message from another side. The contents of the message will under no filtration,  even no filtration of text, but directly transmit in original voice form.


The message left by each side will cause a ripple on the digital sculputre, that means the communication will be substaintial recorded and documented. In this way, the digital communication is put into a situation of visible. And from the sculpture, we can see the abstract form of cross-urban communication.

截屏2022-01-28 下午10.38.13.png
sculpt-dia 2_画板 1.png

substantial communication


2ed project

personal work

CUBE is another project associated with 'Hello from the other side'. It is a mini-scaled carrier of communication and could be a widely spreaded. It aims to serve remoted communication across geographically and cuturally different environments. And the designed interactive form is supposed to direct people receive information in a balanced and random way. Thus he or she will not be manipulate in the process of receiving equal information.

Build a communication form that based on the natural reaction of people towards a cube.

The balance of information access

An interactive form with different narrative contents

A sustaintial

communication form

I use the gyroscope sensor to identify the angle of the cube when users are turning the cube, and the upper face content will be pronounced by the radio player at a higher volum, while others will be at a lower volum.


When users are acting with the cube (turn it around), they are involved with the process of putting a balanced weight of voices (information).

截屏2022-01-30 上午10.44.05.png

3D printing model

截屏2021-03-07 上午12.19.29.png

With a simple form of interaction, the narrative content can be diversified.

The cube with its physical features can bring the user an environment of different and conflictive information. The user in the interaction can control the information acquired.

A natural interactive behavior of the user may bring unexpected feedback in communication.

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