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China Unicom motion VI

Professional work - Graphic design

Role: Motion graphic designer

In 2019, China unicom, the biggest Chinese telecom company was going to set its new motion visual identity. This is the commercial work done at the time when I was working in Beijing STARS Cultural Communications Corporation. It aimed at presenting a design of motion graphic based on the logo and identy of China Unicom and could be widelly used in all use cases. There also should have a standard of motion appllication in the project, thus the branch can use and adjust the design according to actual situations.

About TIDA

From 2020.1 - 12, I was working at TIDA(I was working in Beijing STARS Cultural Communications Corporation).

TIDA is the first group of brand culture and creative companies established in China, and it is one of the most influential local integrated brand planning and management agencies in the Chinese market.

TIDA's clients include China Unicom, China Telecom, Construction Bank, China Post Group (postal service segment, postal express segment, postal savings segment), People's Bank of China, China Resources Snow, Yunnan Baiyao, Tongrentang, Red Bull Group, Mengniu Group, Shengyuan, Master Kong, etc. The cooperation with many of these major clients is up to 10 years.

About the Client: China Unicom


China Unicom Ltd. is an investment holding company, which engages in the provision of voice usage, broadband and mobile data services, and data and internet application services through its subsidiaries.


The identity of China Unicom as a brand is mature, professional and morden. And it also has a wide range of young users in China.

Classic principles

Principle 1:

Avoid compressional deformation


Principle 2:

Movement pathway smoothness


Principle 3:

Frame rate no less than 20 per second


Principle 5:

No gradual change in color


Principle 4:

Fast speed of movements


Principle 6:

Simple and comfortable motion effect of text content


Storyboard of motion video

联通动态vi图形 2-29.png
联通动态vi图形 2-30.png
联通动态vi图形 2-31.png
联通动态vi图形 2-32.png
联通动态vi图形 2-33.png
联通动态vi图形 2-34.png
联通动态vi图形 2-20.png
联通动态vi图形 2-19.png
联通动态vi图形 2-21.png
联通动态vi图形_画板 1.jpg

Motion video


截屏2022-01-09 下午4.40.18.png
截屏2022-01-09 下午4.39.26.png
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