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Dawang Road Project

In Beijing, there is a huge group of people who work in the CBD of Beijng, but live in a suburban colony called Yanjiao. Each morning, million of people wake up early and travel from Yanjiao to Dawang Road, the transfer station in urban center.  At night, people take different transportations to go back homes. Everyday they spend more than 4 hours on transportations. We called them twin-cities people. This project researched on this twin-cities people life wtih multiple measurements.  We hoped to find the background reasons of the environment that may affect the life of these million of people.

Group project

​Role:Team leader, interaction prototyoe designer,  researcher


Data research on group routine


Population relationship between Beijing and Yanjiao


Commuting time between Beijing and Yanjiao


Cost of public transportation between Beijing & Yanjiao

Time schedule of the public transportation


Private transportation service 


Time of transportation when facing public emergency


Video record and analysis of the Dawang Road bus station people flow 

Data research on personal routine

We interview on Mango, a 26-year-old man who has lived in Yanjiao and gone to work at Dawang Road for two years. We record his life story and his daily routine.

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